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Name: Allen, Lewis

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Title: The House I Live In
Author: Allen, Lewis
Composer: Robinson, Earl
Genre: Literary Origin/Patriotic
Subject: America/Democracy/Equality/Freedman/History/Liberty/Home
Origin: 1458 Ephemera 2018
Additional song notes: Lewis Allen is a/k/a Abel Meeropol


On album: K-010(h) (Miriam Kressyn & Seymour Rechzeit From Ellis Island...)
Track ID: 21804
Vocal Rechtzeit, Seymour -- רעכצײַט, סימאָר
Narration Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
Narration Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
First line: The house we live in, the goodness everywher, a land of...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Part of "From Ellis Island to the East Side"

On album: V0290(7)a (What's Not to Like, (Nov 5, 2018): A Yiddish Songfest (Video) [separated] - subtitles)
Track ID: 43020
Piano Berman, Gary
Violin Ma, Enze
Violin Smith, Andy
Viola da gama Thomsen, Fred Margolin, Connie
Vocal Rocamora, Nancy
Vocal Valentine, Megan
Vocal Friedland, Beth
Vocal Marx, Jacqueline
Vocal Stewart, Andy
Vocal Hammond, Marie
Vocal Rivkin-Fish, Ziggy
Vocal Loewenthal, Norm
Vocal Junker, James
Vocal Fleisher, David
First line: What is America to me! A name a flag I see. A certain word: democracy, what is democracy to me! The house I Live in,…
Language: English
Style: Concert, Choral,
Length: 2:47

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Beloved Comrade
On album: L-004(c) (Leon Lishner sings Songs For the Dawn of Peace)
Track ID: 2199
Author Allen, Lewis
Composer Katz, Fred
Artist Eckert, Thomasa and Leon Lishner
First line: To you, beloved comrade, we make this solemn vow,
Track comment: From Spanish Civil War
Language: English

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