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Name: Buzzi, Ruth
Born: July 24, 1926 (Westerly, Rhode Island)
Note: See Ruth Buzzi-Wikidedia

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Tracks with this artist

Title: Get Your Biscuits in the Oven...(Video)
Author: Friedman, Kinky
Composer: Friedman, Kinky
Genre: Country
Subject: Humor/Women's Liberation/Male Chauvinism
On album: V0120 (Kinky Friedman/Proud To Be An A**Hole From El Paso (Video))
Track ID: 35228
Member Texas Jewboys Shelby, Jeff ("Jewford")
Member Texas Jewboys Culpepper, Thomas William ("Wichita")
Artist: Texas Jewboys
Member Texas Jewboys/Performer Boles, Buster ("BB")
Member Texas Jewboys Sloman, Larry ("Washington Ratso")
Vocal/Director Texas Jewboys Friedman, Kinky
Performer Moll, Richard
Performer Buzzi, Ruth
First line: You uppity women I don't understand, why you gotta go try act like a man,
Language: English
Style: Country

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