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Name: Duckworth, Willie Lee (Orig)

Songs written or composed

Title: Sound Off (Duckworth Chant)
Author: Katz, Mickey
Composer: Duckworth, Willie Lee (Orig)
Genre: Novelty/Humor/Dilaect/Parody
Song Comment: Parody of Arming Marching Chant


On album: K-022(f) (Mickey Katz the star of Broadway's Borshtcapades)
Track ID: 21129
Vocal/Orchesta Leader Katz, Mickey
Artist: Mickey Katz Orchestra
First line: You're in the army,..., du bist nisht in der heym,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Parody of service marching song
Language: Yinglish

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