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Name: Mahoney, Jack

Songs written or composed

Title: Titina (Mahoney)
Author: Mahoney, Jack
Genre: Theater/Love
Subject: Memory/Loss/Yearning/Seeking
Origin: Ephemera 91
Music: Ephemera 91
Additional song notes: Sheet Music Physically in Ephemera 91

Sheet music:

Folder: 1069
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano/Ukulele
Texts: English
Publisher: Harms, Inc
Publisher address: New York
Date: 1922
Provenance: Gift of RA Friedman
First line: Deep in this heart of mine there slumbers a memory of...
Notes: Sheet music physically in Ephemera forlder 91. Melody similar to "DI Mezinke Oysgegebn:


On album: 002p (Intnatl Novelty Orch & Hall,A./ O Katerina/ Titina)
Track ID: 35385
Artist: International Novelty Orchestra
Vocal Hall, Arthur
First line: I'm looking for Titina, Titina my Titina
Language: English
Style: Novelty/Theater

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