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Name: Bodo, Eugeniusz
Born: December 28, 1899 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Died: October 7, 1943 (Kirov, USSR)

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Title: Sex Appeal
Also known as: Nikodem
Author: Wars, Henryk
Author: Gorska, Stefcia
Composer: Wars, Henryk
Genre: Caberet/Polish/Charleston/Novelty
Subject: Sex Appeal/Sporty/Style/Appearance/Photogenic/Film Star
Origin: Ephemera 1165 (Polish)
Transliteration: Ephemera 1165
Translation: Ephemera 1165
Additional song notes: Sung in Yiddish and Polish Also performed in the DVD "Neighbors/Skheynim (Video)" #0173 Clip Found at about minute 37 on Video

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Track ID: 41856
Vocal Bodo, Eugeniusz
First line: Sheptshen tsvishn zikh geshlekht, der man mit der froy, glikn mit khaven efsher
First line (Yiddish):שעפּטשען צווישן זיך געשלעכט, דער מאַן מיט דער פֿרוי, גליקן הוהן, עפֿשער בעט...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Theater/Pop
Length: 2:49

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