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Title: Kedusha (Bloch) -- קדוּשׁה (בלאָך)
Composer: Bloch, Ernest
Genre: Liturgical/Religious
Subject: Holiness/Sanctification
Origin: Ephemera 980
Additional song notes: Sactification/ Part II of Avodath Hakodesh/See Essay Ephemera 980
On album: B-009(b) (Sacred Service by Ernest Bloch Leonard Bernstein Conducting -- עבודת הקודש)
Track ID: 7875
Artist: New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor, New York Philharmonic Bernstein, Leonard
Vocal Merrill, Robert, Cantor
Vocal Choirs, Metro Synag & Comm Church
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)

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