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Name: Meisels, Cantor Isaiah
Name (Yiddish): מײַזלס, חזן ישעיה

Tracks with this artist

Title: Birkat Kohanim -- בּרכּת כּהנים
Also known as: Priestly Blessing
Also known as: Numbers 06:24
Also known as: Bamidbar 06:24
Genre: Religious/Blessing/Biblical/Numbers/Bamidbar
Subject: Peace/Numbers 06:24/Bamibar 06:24
Origin: Cardozo 97
Transliteration: Alb C-023(d)/Alb S-075(a)/Alb Z-020(a)
Translation: Alb Z-020(a)/Alb G-056(a)/Alb M-019(a)/Alb M-030(a)/Alb S-075(a)/Alb P-002
Music: Cardozo 97, 98
Additional song notes: May the Lord bless you and keep you, And make his face shine upon you and show favor, And give you peace./Priestly Benediction/published under title in Cardozo "Duchan"
On album: M-047(e) (Cantors Klezmorim and Crooners: 1905-1953 / Classic Yiddish 78s from the Mayrent Collection C)
Track ID: 35650
Vocal Meisels, Cantor Isaiah -- מײַזלס, חזן ישעיה
Language: Hebrew
Style: Cantorial
Length: 2:45

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