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Name: Ross, William

Tracks with this artist

Title: Circle
Author: Friedman, Jud
Author: Weil, Cynthia
Composer: Friedman, Jerry
Genre: Pop
Subject: Separation/Commonality/Humanity/Connection
Origin: Ephemera 1042

Related information in folder 1042:On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35842
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Ross, William
First line: Some say "The walls between us stand so tall", they don't see there's just one..
Language: English
Style: concert
Length: 4:14

Title: Tell Him
Author: Dion, Celine
Author: Streisand, Barbara
Genre: Pop/Love
Subject: Love/Fear/Flame/Constancy/
Origin: Ephemera 1033

Related information in folder 1033:On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35834
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Vocal Dion, Celine
Arranger/Conductor Ross, William
First line: I'm scared, so afraid to show I care, will he think me weak if i tremble when..
Language: English
Style: concert/duet

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