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Name: Bergman, Alan

Songs written or composed

Title: Leading With Your Heart
Author: Bergman, Alan
Author: Hamlisch, Marvin
Author: Bergman, Marilyn
Genre: Pop
Subject: Love/Heart/Intuition/Risk/Hope/Solution
Origin: Ephemera 1037

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On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35838
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Lubbock, Jeremy
First line: Once upon a time I was afraid of letting go, letting someone in, my feelings...
Language: English
Style: concert
Length: 3:32

Title: You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Author: Bergman, Alan
Composer: Diamond, Neil
Genre: Theatre
Subject: Love


On album: F-065(a) (Fyvush Finkel/ It's Never Too Late)
Track ID: 38838
Piano Finkel, Elliot
Vocal Finkel, Fyvush -- פֿינקל, פֿײַװוּש
Xylophone Finkel, Ian
Bass Sterbenz, Ed
Guitar Berliner, Jay
Drums Fischer, Martin
Synth Bichel, Ken
Trumpet Stripling, Byron
Trombone Andos, Randy
Alto Sax Olsen, Ralph
Alto Sax Anderson, Dennis
Baritone Sax Berger, Ken
Backup singer Heath, D. Michael
Backup Singer Allen, Cheryl Ann
First line: You don't bring me flowers, You don't sing me love songs, You hardly talk to me
Language: English
Style: American Theater
Length: 2:49

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