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Name: Birenbaum, Minnie
Name (Yiddish): בירענבאום, מיני

Tracks with this artist

Title: Shenkt A Nedove -- שענקט אַ נדבֿה
Genre: Theater
Subject: Plea/Poverty/Charity
Additional song notes: Give Charity
On album: A-060(a)
Track ID: 35906
Artist: Birenbaum, Minnie -- בירענבאום, מיני
First line: Er iz a yid, oy ungeshlogn...
First line (Yiddish):ער איז אַ ייִד, אוי אונגעשלוגן...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert
Length: 3:11

Title: Eli Eli (Sandler) -- אלי אלי (סאַנדלער)
Author: Sandler, Jacob Koppel -- סאַנדלער, יעקב קאָפּעל
Composer: Sandler, Jacob Koppel -- סאַנדלער, יעקב קאָפּעל
Genre: Theatre/Lament/Religious
Subject: Plea/Persecution/Faith/Torture/Abandonment/Question
Origin: ML PYS 220/Ephemera 598/Metro Scher 31
Transliteration: Ausabel 676/Alb K-047(a)/ML PYS 220/Alb K-047(a)/Alb P-028(a)/L-048(a)
Translation: Alb L-048(a)/Ausubel Folk 676/Alb K-047(a)/Alb R-009(b)/Vorbei 233
Music: Ausubel Folk 676/ML PYS 221/Metro Scher 31
Additional song notes: Cited in Nulman 74 Written For the play "Brokhe, Oder - DerYidisher Kenig Fun Poyln Oyf Eyn Nakht. - 1896. In Sheetmusic # 58 there are indications that the song was heard in various parts of Europe as a folk song, but then claimed by Sandler and Tomoshevsky because it was sung in their operetta "Brokha or The Jewish King of Poland for a Night". See Heskes entry 1194. Also transliteration and translation Published in Gottlieb 290

Related information in folder 991:On album: A-060(a)
Track ID: 35908
Artist: Birenbaum, Minnie -- בירענבאום, מיני
First line: Eli, Eli lomo azavtoni? (2x) In fayer un flam hot men undz gebrent, uberal hot..
First line:אלי, אלי, למה עזבֿתּני? (2) אין פֿײַער און פֿלאַם האָט מען אונדז געברענט,
Language: Yiddish/Hebrew
Style: Concert/Lament
Length: 4:01

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