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Name: Martine, Tucker

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Title: Losin' You
Author: Burson, Clare
Genre: Literary Origin/Pop/Concert
Subject: Forshadowing Holocaust/Memory/Fading/Photos/Loss
Origin: Alb B-131(a)
Additional song notes: Songs in the album imagine her Grandmother's life in Germany from her birth in 1919 to her escape in 1938.
On album: B-131(a) (Clare Burson/ Silver and Ash)
Track ID: 36022
Vocals/Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitars Burson, Clare
Lead Electric Guitar Spencer, Mark
Electric Bass Cotton, Andy
Drums Leone,Tony
Tambourine Martine, Tucker
First line: I'm losin' you, memory needs a plce to land, I held my tongue to taste your hand
Language: English
Style: Concert/Soft Rock
Length: 3:16

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