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Name: Evelt, Mike

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Title: I Just Wanna Be Sedated
Author: Ramone, Dee Dee
Author: Ramone, Joey
Author: Ramone, Johnny
Author: Ramone, Tommy
Author: Altman, Sean
Composer: Ramone, Dee Dee
Composer: Ramone, Joey
Composer: Ramone, Johnny
Genre: Pop/Punk Rock/Novelty
Subject: Flying/Fear/Drugs/Sedation/
Origin: Ephemera 1081
Additional song notes: Internet credits Ramones with the lyrics. Album liner notes to Album U-008(b) credits Sean Altman as composer and Sean Altman, Hyman, Cummings and Colvin as wrtiting the lyrics.
On album: U-088(b)
Track ID: 36137
Vocal/Guitar Altman, Sean
Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming/Keyboards Spurney, Jon
Vocal Dukach, Inna
Horn Arrangement/Sax/Clarinet Evelt, Mike
First line: Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated, nothin' to do...
Language: English
Style: Pop/Novelty/PunkRock
Length: 3:30

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