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Title: They Tried to Kill Us (We Survived Let's Eat)
Author: Altman, Sean
Author: Tannenbaum, Rob
Composer: Tannenbaum, Rob
Composer: Altman, Sean
Genre: Rhumba/Parody
Subject: Persecution/Survival/Farrakhan/Plagues/MemoryPharoh/Hitler
Origin: Ephemera 1081/ Ephemera 1101
On album: U-088(b)
Track ID: 36133
Vocal/Guitar Altman, Sean
Vocal Dukach, Inna
Vocal BAM Cafe Audience
Vocal Jenn's Audience
Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming/Keyboards Spurney, Jon
First line: We were slaves to pharaoh in Egypt, the year was 1492, Hitler had just invaded..
Language: English
Style: Pop/Novelty/Rhumba
Length: 2:49

Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive
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