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Name: Yazbek, David

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Title: Hot Jewish Chicks
Author: Altman, Sean
Author: Tannenbaum, Rob
Composer: Altman, Sean
Composer: Tannenbaum, Rob
Genre: Novelty/Ribald/Humorous/Bawdy/Vulgar
Subject: Women/Jewish/
Origin: Ephemera 1101
On album: U-008(a) (What I Like About Jew/ Unorthodox/ Songs by Sean Altman and Rob Tannenbaum)
Track ID: 36290
Vocal Altman, Sean
Guitar Greenwalt, Roger
Drums Waldmann, Clem
Sax/Horn Arrangement McGinnis, Mike
Bass Chatzky, Jeremy
Piano Yazbek, David
First line: There's a Roxy looking Foxy in a mink, there's a Becky Tishman giving me a wink,
Language: English
Style: Pop/Novelty/Swing
Length: 3:33

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