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Name: Silverman, Sam
Name (Yiddish): סילווערמאַן, סאַם

Tracks with this artist

Title: Lomir Di Gest Bagrisn -- לאָמיר די געסט באַגרסן
Genre: Field Recording
Subject: Welcoming/Congratulating/Guests
Additional song notes: Let Us Welcom and Congratulate the Guests
On album: D-035(a) (Davidson Field Recording)
Track ID: 36628
Vocal Trachtenberg, Sonia -- טראַכטענבערג, סאָניאַ
Vocal /(sang Remarks Trachtenberg, (Yosl) Joseph -- טראַכטענבערג, יוסל
Vocal Kutner, Ruth -- קוטנער, רוט
Vocal Kutner, Philip -- קוטנער, פֿיליפ
Vocal Kutner, Miriam -- קוטנער, מרים
Vocal /(sang Remarks Silverman, Sam -- סילווערמאַן, סאַם
Vocal / (sang Remarks Davidson, Chayke -- דאַווידסאָן, חײַקע
First line: Lomir di gest bagrisn, lomir di gest bagrisn, lomir lomir lomir...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Informal Group Song
Length: 11:02

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