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Name: Barlas, Ruth
Name (Yiddish): באַרלאַס, רותּ

Tracks with this artist

Title: Birnbaum Memorial / The Old Poet
Genre: Literary origin / Spoken Word / Field Recording
Subject: Poet/Aches/Creativity/Lonliness/
On album: B-138(a) (Martin Birenbaum / Memorial Service / Disk 1)
Track ID: 36635
Vocal Levine, Sonia Lerner -- לעווײַן, סאָניע לערנער
English Adaptation Barlas, Ruth -- באַרלאַס, רותּ
First line: His walk, no longer hurried is weighted with pain, too often now there sounds...
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word
Length: 2:23

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