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Name: Bushkin, Beatrice

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Title: Sholem Aleichem Dir, Amerike -- שלום עליכם דיר אַמעריקע
Author: Birnbaum, Martin -- ביררנבוים, מאַרטין
Composer: Rauch, Maurice -- ראַוך, משה
Genre: Theater/Literary Origin
Subject: Child/ Adventures/Immigration
Transliteration: Ale SADE
Music: Ale SADE
Additional song notes: Based on Sholem Aleichem's Motl Peyse's Dem Khazn Franklin Catlg # M1501.r28 S5 1956
On album: P-004(a) (Sholem Aleichem Dir, Amerike featuring Molly Picon as Motel)
Track ID: 36690
Conductor Rauch, Maurice -- ראַוך, משה
Vocal Bushkin, Beatrice
Vocal Fried, Howard
Vocal Wolff, Cantor William
Vocal Picon, Molly -- פּיקאָן, מאָלי
Vocal Jewish Peoples Chorus of N. Y.
Style: Spoken Word/Choral/Classical/Theater

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