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Title: I'm Laughing All The Time
Also known as: Ja Bez Przerwy Smieje Sie
Author: Szer, Alfred
Composer: Schlechter, Emanuel
Genre: Polish/Cabaret
Subject: Superstition/Omens/Fears/Worryless/Laughter
Origin: Ephemera 1165 (Polish)
Translation: Ephemera 1165
Additional song notes: Polish Title "Ja Bez Przerwy Smieje Sie"


On album: P-068(b) (Jane Peppler/ Cabaret Warsaw/ Yiddish & Polish Hits of the 1920s-1930s/Performed by Mappamundi)
Track ID: 36844
Artist: Mappamundi
Piano Enoch, Aviva
Bass Vasile, Bob
Vocal/Fiddle/Concertina/Piano Peppler, Jane
Violin Holmgren, Beth
Guitar/Clarinet/Bouzouki/Bowed Dulcimer Bloom, Ken
Bass Baird, Jim
First line: Got out of bed on the wrong side, and stumbled through the door, a black cat…
First line (Polish):Wstalem z lozka lewa noga, I potknalem sie o prog, potem kot przelecial droge,
Language: Polish
Style: Cabaret/Polish/Charelston/Jazz
Length: 1:52

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