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Name: Hoyt, Charles H.

Songs written or composed

Title: The Bowery (1892)(Video)
Author: Hoyt, Charles H.
Composer: Gaunt, Percy
Genre: Commentary/Spoken Word
Subject: Bowery/Broadway/Sights/Auction/Bouncer/Barber/Assault
Origin: Ephemera 1166
Additional song notes: The song "The Bowery" was not sung. The commentary was used only to introduce the next track.


On album: V0258 (Michael Tilson Thomas/ The Thomashefskys/ Music and Memories of the Yiddish Theater (Video))
Track ID: 36870
Vocal Hensley, Shuler
First line: Wolf took me to a matinee performance on the bowery, a melodrama…
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word

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