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Name: Dafna Eilat
Name (Yiddish): דפנה אילת

Songs written or composed

Title: Shir HaShirim 02:11,12,13 -- שיר השירים (כי הנה הסתיו עבר)
Composer: Dafna Eilat -- דפנה אילת
Genre: Folk
Subject: Biblical/Song Of Songs
Song Comment: Love/Passion/Fragrance/Flowers
Additional song notes: Oh, Listen, The winter is past, the rain is gone and over, the flowers appear on earth, the time of singing has come, and the vines in blossom give forth their fragrance.


On album: G-035(f)
Track ID: 37141
First line: Ki hine ha-stav avar
First line (Hebrew):כי הנה הסתיו עבר
Language: Hebrew
Style: Folk/Country/Choral
Length: 2:46

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