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Name: Elad, Gidon
Name (Yiddish): גדעון, אלעד

Songs written or composed

Title: Mizmor Le'ehud (Song For Ehud) -- מזמור לאהוד (עבֿרית)
Author: Elad, Gidon -- גדעון, אלעד
Composer: Zarai, Yokhanan -- זראי, יוחנן
Genre: Literary Origin/Memorial
Subject: Ehud Gidon/Memorial
Origin: Ephemera
Additional song notes: Writen by Written by Gidon Elad for his brother Ehud who died in the battle of Giradi in Sinai on May 6, 1967.

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On album: E-003(b) (Ron Eliran Salute To Israel -- תן לשיר רן אלירן)
Track ID: 10596
Vocal Eliran, Ron -- אלירן, רן
First line: Halakh akhi kmo yam ukhmo shamaim el merkavim eyn sof…
First line:הלך אתי כמו ים, וכמו שמיים אל מרחבים אין סוף...
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