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Name: Moše ben Majmun

Songs written or composed

Title: Ani Maamin -- אני מאמין
Author: Moše ben Majmun
Genre: Choir/Chassidic
Subject: Folk Tune/Niggun
Song Comment: Twelve of the thirteen Articles of Faith


On album: I-009(b) (Heritage/the Symphonic Music of Musuem of Jewish Heritage composed and arranged by Michael Isaacson)
Track ID: 39852
Artist: Israeli Philharmonic Players
Length: 4:59

On album: M-088(a) (Prague choir Mishpaha presents 17 hasidic and Jewish folk songs)
Track ID: 37226
First line: Ani ma'amin, Be'emuna shelema. Beviat hamashiach, Im kol zeh, achake loh
Language: Hebrew/Czeck
Style: Choral/Folk
Length: 4:30

On album: S-048(h) (David Grisman/ Andy Statman / New Shabos Waltz)
Track ID: 38593
Style: Traditional / Instrumental
Length: 3:12

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