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Name: Amos Hoffman

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Title: Chika Morena -- שחרחורת
Also known as: Shakhorkhot
Also known as: Black Haired Girl
Author: Raviv, T. -- רביב, ט.
Author: Sarah Aroeste
Author: Marc Kakon
Composer: Shapirovits, E.
Composer: Rodriguez, Roberto Luis
Genre: Spehardic
Subject: Dark Beauty/Hair/
Additional song notes: Burnette, Marc Kakon-Poetry
On album: A-078(a) (Sarah Aroste / Gracia)
Track ID: 37283
Lead Vocals, Back Vocals Sarah Aroeste
percussion Rony Iwryn
Piano, String arrangment, Keyboards and programming Shai Bachar
Zurna Amir Gwirtzman
Strings Lea Gadaev Ensemble
Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar,Spoken Word-Poetry&Author Marc Kakon
Oud Amos Hoffman
First line: So la chika morena, La de kaveyos largos
First line (Ladino):I am the dark beauty, The one with the long hair
Language: Ladino
Style: Love
Length: 4:51

Title: Las Estreyas
Genre: Sephardic/Love/Ballad
Subject: Stars
Song Comment: Las Estreyas -- "The Stars"
Translation: CD J-023(a)
On album: A-078(a) (Sarah Aroste / Gracia)
Track ID: 37286
lead vocals Sarah Aroeste
drums Yuval Lion
percussion Rony Iwryn
bass Ziv Harpaz
electric guitars Marc Kakon
oud Amos Hoffman
piano, keyboards, arrangement, and string arangemnt Shai Bachar
Strigns Eugene Povolotsky Ensemble
First line: Las estreyas de los cielos, kerido, Eyas son que arrelumbran
First line (Ladino):The stars in heaven, my dear, They are the ones that shine
Language: Ladino
Style: Love
Length: 4:38

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