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Name: Greg Wall

Songs written or composed

Title: Malachi
Author: Greg Wall
Genre: Jazz/Neo Klezmer/Fusion
Additional song notes: From the album Later Prophets, Tzadik 2006


On album: J-049(f) (17th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/17. Festiwal Kultury Zyd owskiej w Krakowie 23.06-01.07 2007)
Track ID: 37435
Artist: Greg Wall
Style: Insturmental/Klezmer
Length: 2:49

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Tu Portret
Author: Matilda Koen-Sarano
Composer: Sarah Aroeste
Genre: sephardic
Additional song notes: Your Portrait
On album: A-078(a) (Sarah Aroste / Gracia)
Track ID: 37288
lead vocals Sarah Aroeste
percussion Rony Iwryn
tenor saxaphone Greg Wall
piano, keyboards Shai Bachar
First line: El dia de mi partites, Tu portet a mi deshates
First line (Ladino):The day that you abandoned me Your Portrait was all you left.
Language: Ladino
Style: Love
Length: 3:52

Title: El Leon Ferido
Author: Sarah Aroeste
Composer: Sarah Aroeste
Genre: Sephardic
Additional song notes: inspired by the poem "Wounded Lion" by Samuel Ha-Nagid
On album: A-078(a) (Sarah Aroste / Gracia)
Track ID: 37290
lead vocals Sarah Aroeste
drums nate smith
electric guitars Oz Noy
upright bass Dave Richards
clarinet Greg Wall
Piano Roee Freidman
Strings Eugene Povolotsky Ensemble
First line: Kuando el mundo avla una lingua ke no entiendes
First line (Ladino):When the world speaks a language you don't understand
Language: Ladino
Style: Sadness/Change/Perseverance
Length: 4:01

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