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Name: Yael Horwitz

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Title: La Comida La Mañana -- ארוחת בוקר
Genre: Instrumental/Neo Klezmer/Fusion
Additional song notes: Breakfast
On album: A-078(a) (Sarah Aroste / Gracia)
Track ID: 37284
Lead Vocals Sarah Aroeste
Drums Yuval Lion
Drums, black vocals Samuel Torres
bass Ziv Harpaz
Strings Lea Gadaev Ensemble
Back Vocals Lara Bello
Electric Guitars Oz Noy
back vocals Yael Horwitz
First line: La comida la mañana, La tadre la traigo atras
First line (Ladino):The morning meal, In the afternoon I'll bring it back
Language: Ladino
Style: Love
Length: 4:31

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu