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Name: Balkan Beat Box

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Title: Hermetico
Author: Balkan Beat Box
Genre: Pop/Hip-Hop/Balkan Fusion/Middle Eastern
Additional song notes: From the Album Nu Med published by les editions de la bascule/Strictly Confidential (p) Crammed Discs 2007


On album: J-049(b) (19th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/19. Festiwal Kultury Zydowskiej w Krakowie 27.06-5.07.2009)
Track ID: 37419
Artist: Balkan Beat Box
First line: Here we go (go!), you better listen, the b-b-b train riding on the rythem.
First line:כמה טוב לי באמריקה לשתות קפה וסופגניה בפארק עם אריקה
Language: English/Hebrew
Style: Hip-hop/Pop/Balkan Fusion
Length: 2:22

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