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Name: SoCalled

Songs written or composed

Title: As If
Composer: SoCalled
Composer: Krakauer, David
Genre: Instrumental/Klezmer/Jazz/Improvization


On album: K-072(b) (David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness/The Twelve Tribes)
Track ID: 39501
Artist: So Called
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Krakauer, David
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer/Jazz/Improvization
Length: 3:21

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Title: Kale Bazetsn -- כּלה באַזעצן
On album: Z-036(a)3 (Zol Zayn/ Jewish Music In Germany And Its Influence (1953-2009))
Track ID: 40023
Artist: SoCalled
Artist: Solomon Klezmorim & Marcel Salomon

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