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Name: A. Reisen

Songs written or composed

Title: Beyze Vintn
Author: M. Gelbart
Composer: A. Reisen
Genre: Neo Klezmer
Additional song notes: from the album The Broken Tongue, Earthworks 2006


On album: J-049(f) (17th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/17. Festiwal Kultury Zyd owskiej w Krakowie 23.06-01.07 2007)
Track ID: 37434
Artist: The Painted Bird
First line: holyed bayze vintn frive hersht givelt brekhtign tsvaygn varft vi'bainer tut vos
Language: Yiddish
Length: 4:46

On album: Z-036(a)2 (Zol Zayn/ Jewish Music In Germany And Its Influence (1953-2009))
Track ID: 40013

On album: Z-036(b)1
Track ID: 39888
Artist: Kahn, Daniel
Artist: The Painted Bird
Length: 3:29

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