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Name: Bellison, Simeon

Songs written or composed

Title: Scher
Composer: Achron, Yosef -- אחרון, יוסף
Composer: Bellison, Simeon
Genre: Classical/Sextet


On album: N-046(a) (Zimro/ Music of the New Jewish School for Sextet/ Chen Halevi/Clarinet/ Vogler String Quartet/ Jascha Nemtsov/Piano)
Track ID: 37507
Clarinet Halevi, Chen
Piano Nemtsov, Jascha
Artist: Vogler String Quartet
Violin Vogler, Tim
Viola Fehlandt, Stefan
Cello Forck, Stephan
Violin Reinecke, Frank
Style: Chamber
Length: 1:58

Title: Variations on a Popular Theme - Andante 5 var
Composer: Brandmann, Israel -- ישראל בראנגמעין
Composer: Bellison, Simeon
Genre: Classical
Additional song notes: Variationen über ein Volksthema op. 12 Andante - 5 Variationen , Vier hebräische Melodien in Form einer Suite bearbeitet von Simeon Bellison


On album: N-046(e) (Jewish Songs Without Words/ Wolfgang Meyer, Clarinet/ Jascha Nemstov)
Track ID: 37552
Piano Nemtsov, Jascha
Clarinet Meyer, Wolfgang
Style: Chamber/Piano/Clarinet
Length: 11:21

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