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Name: Green, Ellen

Songs written or composed

Title: Suit for Clarinet in B Flat and Piano
Composer: Green, Ellen
Genre: Classical/Instrumental
Music: SM Greenberg 5
Additional song notes: I!Meditation II Funeral March III Dance

Other tracks with this artist

Title: East Wind Blues
Author: Carlini, John
Composer: Carlini, John
Genre: Instrumental/Jazz
On album: S-048(d) (Andy Statman Flatbush Waltz Jazz and Orig Comp for Mandolin)
Track ID: 4426
Vocal Green, Ellen
Mandolin/Arranger Statman, Andy
Bass Confurius, Marty
Electric Guitar/Arranger Carlini, John
Percussion Romano, Don Um
Drums Clayton, Frank
Language: English
Length: 6:11

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