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Name: Aizikovitch, Mark
Name (Yiddish): אײַזיקאָוויטש, מאַרק

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Title: Ushavtem Mayim -- וּשאבתּם מים
Also known as: Isaiah 12:03
Also known as: Mayim Mayim
Genre: Biblical/Prophetic/
Subject: Water/Joy/Isaiah 012:03
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 132/Bugatch 35/Alb F-026(a)/Alb S-004(c)
Transliteration: Coopersmith NJS 132/Bugatch 35/K-007(b)/Ephemera 1341
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 132/Alb S-085(a)/Alb S-004(c)/Ephemera 1341
Music: Coopersmith NJS 132/Bugatch 35
Additional song notes: Joyfully Shall You Draw Water

Related information in folder 1341:On album: A-038(d) (Mark Aizikovitch/ Jidelekh, Briderlakh, Singt Shejne Liedelach/Yiddish Hebrew and Russian Songs)
Track ID: 36580
Vocal Aizikovitch, Mark -- אײַזיקאָוויטש, מאַרק
First line: Ushavtem mayim besason, mimayney hayeshua. Mayim, mayim...,
First line (Hebrew):וּשבתּם מים בּשׂשׂוֹן ממעיני הישוּעה. מים, מים, מים, מים, הוֹי,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Studio Fusion / Funky
Length: 2:01

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