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Name: Birnbaum, M.
Note: not to be confused with Martin Birnbaum

Songs written or composed

Title: Brudershaft Lid
Author: Birnbaum, M.
Genre: Literary Origin/Brotherhood
Subject: Peace/Children/Songs/Equality/Universality/Religions
Transliteration: Alb-126(a)
Translation: Alb-126(a)
Additional song notes: Brotherhood Song


On album: B-126(a) (A Besere Velt/ Yiddish Community Chorus of Boston Workmen's Circle)
Track ID: 37966
Vocal Yiddish Community Chorus of Boston, WC
Arranger Gallatin, Lisa
First line: Kinder, ot vel ikh aykh zogn, eyns, tsvey, dray, ven der tog vet togn,...
First line (Yiddish):קינדער, אָט וועל איך אײַך זאָגן, איינס, צוויי, דרײַ ווען דער נײַער טאָג…
Language: Yiddish
Style: Chorale/Acapella

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