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Name: Rechtzeit, Jacob
Name (Yiddish): יעקבֿ רעכטזײַט
Born: 1904 (Pietrrkow, Poland)
Died: 1969
Note: Emigrated to the United States in 1922

Songs written or composed

Title: Brengt Mir Mayn Mamen Fun Yener Zeyt -- ברענגט מיר מײַן מעמען פֿון יענער זײַט
Author: Rechtzeit, Jacob -- יעקבֿ רעכטזײַט
Genre: Theater/Place
Subject: New York/Mother/Yearing/Streets/Distance/Waiting
Additional song notes: Bring Me My Mother From The Other Side


On album: 072d (Grossman, Irving/ Mayn Mames Lidele/ Brengt Mir Mein Mame Fun Yener Tsayt)
Track ID: 38306
Vocal Grossman, Irving
First line: IDort in New York, in groysn New York, dort vi di…dort in New York…
First line (Yiddish):דאָרט אין ניו יאָרק, אין גרויסן ניו יאָרק, דאָרט ווי די ...דאָרט אין ניו יאָרק
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert
Length: 3:02

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