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Name: Shanahan, Jack
Also known as: O'Seanchain, Sean
Also known as: Flighty Jack
Born: Ireland
Died: Ireland

Songs written or composed

Title: The Dark Slender Boy
Author: Shanahan, Jack
Composer: Shanahan, Jack
Genre: Folk/Concert
Subject: Market/Money/Laughter/Seduction/Drink
Transliteration: Alb S-167(a)
Translation: Alb S-167(a)
Additional song notes: English/Gaelic


On album: S-167(a) (Saints & Tzadiks/ Susan McKeown/Lorin Sklamberg)
Track ID: 38992
Vocal/Arrangement McKeown, Susan
Arrangement Sklamberg, Lorin
Guitar Brennan, Aidan
Guitar Della Penna, Erik
First line: When I go to the market to make a purchase and grasp the earnest money in my…
First line:'Se an buachaill caol subh fada, feileach, Cliade, leigheanta, 'sgur mhaith…
Language: English/Gaelic
Style: Folk
Length: 5:58

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