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Name: Combined Jewish Folk Choruses

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Title: Hevenu Shalom Aleykhem -- הבאנוּ שלוֹם עליכם
Also known as: Lid Fun Sholom (Hevenu Shalom..)
Genre: Folk/Hora/Israeli
Subject: Peace
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 78/Alb E-009(a)/Bugatch 66/Alb L-015(a)
Transliteration: Bugatch 66/Alb H-002(c)/Alb G-005(c)/Alb S-085(a)/Alb E-009(a)/Alb L-015(a)
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 78/Alb S-085(a)/
Music: Coopersmith NJS 78/Bugatch 66/Kammen Jaff 4
Additional song notes: We Bring You Peace See Israeli and Jewish Song Hits for the Eb Alto Saxaphone Kammen Jaff Book Index M108.I82 1963, page 4 English adaptation by Pearl Bernyoe
On album: L-015(a) (Let's Sing Jewish Folk Choruses -- לאָמיר אַלע זינגען)
Track ID: 39731
Vocal Combined Jewish Folk Choruses
First line: Hevenu shalom aleykhem
First line (Hebrew):הבאנוּ שלוֹם עליכם
Language: Hebrew
Style: Choral

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