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Title: Adon Olam (Steinberg) -- אדון עוֹלם (שטײַנבערג)
Author: Ibn Gabirol, Solomon -- שׁלמה אבּן-גבּירוֹל
Composer: Steinberg, Ben
Genre: Religious/Hymn
Origin: HAL 4/Zim 30/Levin N 20
Transliteration: HAL 4/Zim 30/Levin N 20/S-046(b)/T-025(a)/A-034(a)/B-067(a)/Z-020(a)
Translation: HAL 4/Zim 30/Levin N 21/Alb M-019(a)/Alb M-030(a)/Alb B-067(a)
Additional song notes: "Lord of the Universe"/ See Nulman 3
On album: C-023(h) (B'Kol Ishah The Voice of Women Cantors)
Track ID: 22501
Vocal Ensemble Of Women Cantors
First line: Adon olam asher malakh, Beterm kol yetsir nivra,
First line (Hebrew):אדוֹן עוֹלם אשר מלך בּטרם כּל יִציר נברא. לעת נעשׂה בּחפצוֹ כּל...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Based on a melody from the Isle of Djerba
Language: Hebrew
Style: Sephardic

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