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Name: Hendricks, John
Born: September 15, 1921 (Newark, Ohio)
Died: 2014

Songs written or composed

Title: A Night In Tunisa
Author: Hendricks, John
Composer: Gillespie, Dizzy & Frank Paperelli
Genre: Klezmer
Additional song notes: Charle Parker sometimes credited as composer with Gillespie.


On album: K-084(a) (Bruce Kaminsky's Klezmer Jazz Ensemble/ And The Angels Swing/ DBK Jazz)
Track ID: 27066
Artist: Bruce Kaminsky's Klezmer Jazz Ensemble
Bass Kaminsky, Bruce
Trumpet/Flute Slotter, Stanley
Saxaphone Ulansey, Ken
Drums Klauber, Bruce
Piano Kleinman, Dan
Track comment: Combined with "A Terk In Amerika"
Style: Instrumental/Jazz

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