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Name: Miller, Derek

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Title: Choliday Song
Author: Miller, Derek
Composer: Gruber, Franz Xaver
Genre: Holiday/Hanukah/Waltz/Parody
Subject: Khanike/Pronuciation/Gifts/Lengthy/Eight Nights
Origin: Ephemera 1483
Additional song notes: Same melody as "Silent Night:


On album: P-068(c) (Mrs. Maccabee's Kitchen: New Hanukkah Songs / Jane Peppler/ Aviva Enoch and Mappamundi)
Track ID: 41498
First line: Noisy chuh Choly chuh Glottal chuh, Channukah, when's the first night, November?
Language: English
Style: Waltz/Parody (Silent Night)
Length: 3:51

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