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Name: Lewis, Creola

Songs written or composed

Title: Today I Count and Treasure
Author: Lewis, Creola
Author: Lewis, E.
Composer: Lewis, Creola
Composer: Lewis, E.
Genre: Mountain/Blue Grass/Lament
Subject: Love/Memory/Yestorday/Jilted


On album: R-047(c) (Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma/ Southern Discomfort)
Track ID: 41577
Mandolin Hodges, Ben
Vocal Hodges, Jenni
Uke Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Clawhammer Banjo Rubin, Mark
First line: Oh happy yesterdaay is gone forever, yesterday is all I have to hold, I don't…
Language: English
Style: Mountain/Bluegrass/Lament
Length: 2:33

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