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Name: Heron, Scott

Songs written or composed

Title: Whitey On The Moon
Author: Heron, Scott
Composer: Rubin, Mark
Genre: Novelty/Funky/Dixieland
Subject: Sister/Rat Bite/Poverty/Rent/No Utilities/Taxes/Junkies/Food
Origin: Ephemera 1492


On album: R-047(c) (Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma/ Southern Discomfort)
Track ID: 41580
Drum Kit Belofsky, Herb
Uke/Backup Vocal Bayless "Pops"
Acoustic Guitar/Mandolin/Percussion Rubin, Mark
First line: A rat done bit my sister Nell, with whitey on the moon, her face and arms began
Language: English
Style: Novelty/Dixieland/Funky
Length: 2:27

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