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Name: Ft Collins Coughing Men's Choir

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Title: Seriously (a/ka Too Much Weed)
Author: Rubin, Mark
Composer: Rubin, Mark
Genre: Novelty/Dixieland
Subject: Marijuana/Weed/Smoking/Overuse/Bong/Toke/Depression/Pain
Origin: Ephemera 1492
On album: R-047(c) (Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma/ Southern Discomfort)
Track ID: 41576
Harmonica Tracey, Sean
Cornet/Comic Asides Brody, Paul
Vocal Ft Collins Coughing Men's Choir
Tenor Banjo/Tuba/Guitar/Drum Kit Rubin, Mark
First line: First you take a little hit, then you take a little toke, all of a sudden you…
Language: English
Style: Novelty/Dixieland
Length: 2:57

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