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Name: Orr, Sean

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Title: What The Other Man Won't Do
Author: Rubin, Mark
Composer: Rubin, Mark
Genre: Novelty/Pop/Double Entendre
Subject: Actions/Wife/Girlfriend/Widow/Satisfation/
Origin: Ephemera 1492
Additional song notes: Melody appears to be the same as "You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two" from "Oliver" by Lionel Bart.
On album: R-047(c) (Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma/ Southern Discomfort)
Track ID: 41581
Fiddle Orr, Sean
Vocal/Bowed String Bass/Guitar/Mandolin Rubin, Mark
First line: Come gather round you young men, and listen close to me, if a goal of your life
Language: English
Style: Novelty/Pop/Double Entendre
Length: 2:58

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