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Name: Kartshev
Name (Yiddish): קאַרטשעוו

Songs written or composed

Title: Vaksn Yunge Koykhes -- וואַ'דן יענגע כּוחות
Author: Kartshev -- קאַרטשעוו
Genre: Literary Origin/USSR
Subject: Youth/Growth/Strengths/Collectives/Brigades/Machines/Peasant
Transliteration: Alb Z-014(l)
Translation: Alb Z-014(l)
Additional song notes: Young Forces Grow


On album: Z-014(l) (Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi Presents: City of the Future, Yiddish Songs From the Former Soviet Union)
Track ID: 41695
Vocal Falk, "Yankl" Jack
Vocal Alpert, Michael -- אַלפּערט, מישקע
Clarinet/Baritone Saxaphone Stachel, Norbert
Accordion Stan, Peter
Violin Strom, Yale
First line: Vaksn yunge koykhes, shtromen haynt vi vaser, vaksn yunge glider, zingen haynt
First line (Yiddish):וואַקסן ינגע כּותות, שטראָמען הײַנט ווי וואַסער, וואַקסן יטנגע גלידער,...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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