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Name: Katz, Ester
Name (Yiddish): קאַץ, אסתט
Born: 1894
Note: Emigrated to US in 1912

Songs written or composed

Title: A Kinds kholom -- אַ קינדס חלום
Author: Katz, Ester -- קאַץ, אסתט
Composer: Yardeini, Mordecai -- ירדני, מרדכי
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Dream/Mother/Son/Ambition/Author/Weaving Words/Garden/House/
Origin: Moskow SM 63
Transliteration: Moskow SM 63
Music: Moskow SM 63
Additional song notes: A Child's Dream

Sheet music:

Folder: 63
Series: 1
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration
Publisher: Mordecai Yardeini
Date: 1964
Provenance: Gift of Barbara Moskow, March 2014
First line: Zitst di mame - do dernebn, un halt a zekele in vebn: zetst
First line (Yiddish): זיצט די מאַמע - דאָ דערנעבן און האַנט אַ זעקעלע אין וועבן: זעצט זיך...

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