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Title: Tumbalalajka -- טום בלליקה
Also known as: Tum Balalayke
Also known as: Twistin' The Freylekhs (Instr)
Also known as: Play Balalaike
On album: V0445 (Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble: Bruce Kaminsky, conductor (Video))
Track ID: 42307
Vocal Morein, Donna
Vocal Unknown Artist
Keyboard Posmontier, Dave
Clarinet Ulancy, Ken
Vocal DeLuca, Rosina
Vocal Wright, Janet
Artist: Mediterranean Ensemble
Conductor Kaminsky, Bruce
First line: Shteyt a bokher un er trakht, Trakht un trakht a gantse nakht, vemen tsu nemen..
First line (Yiddish):שטײט אַ בחור און ער טראַכט, טראַכט און טראַכט אַ גאַנצע נאַכט, וועמען צו
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Concert/Audience Participation
Length: 8:07

Title: The Honeysuckle and the Bee
Author: Fitz, Albert H.
Composer: Penn, William H.
Genre: Music Hall - Sentimental
Subject: Love/Bee/Honey/Lips/Betrothal/Vow/Home
Origin: SM 1333: Box # 32
Music: SM 1333: Box # 32
Additional song notes: From the 1901 London musical "Bluebell in Fairyland"
On album: L-006(a) (Soyna Lizaron In Joy And Sorrow 13 Yiddish Songs -- סאניא ליזרון אין פֿרײד און אומעט... 13 ייִדישע לידער)
Track ID: 42845
Vocal Unknown Artist
First line: B'zz, bzz, On a summer afternoon, where the honey suckles bloom, when all nature seemed at rest, 'neath a little rustic
Language: English
Style: Music Hall
Length: 2:11

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