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Name: Glickman, Mort H.
Name (Yiddish): גליקמאַן, מאָרט ה.
Born: Dec 6, 1898 (Chicago, IL)
Died: Feb 27, 1953 (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Note: Composer of Oy Oy S'Kitselt. See Sheet Music 1309

Songs written or composed

Title: Oy Oy Se Kitselt -- אוי אוי סע קיצעלט
Author: Gilrod, Louis -- גילראָד, לאָויס
Composer: Glickman, Mort H. -- גליקמאַן, מאָרט ה.
Genre: TheaterHumorous
Subject: Desire/Feelings/Pleasure/Tickling/Adam/Paradise/Eve/Snack
Origin: SM 1309
Transliteration: SM 1309
Additional song notes: From the Musical "Graf Yosl" (Count Yosl)

Sheet music:

Folder: 1309
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration
Publisher: Murray H. Glickman
Date: 1930
Provenance: Gift of Debra Rasansky, March 2017
First line: Vos iz dos far a gefil, vos khapt undz plusim on, men geyt..
First line (Yiddish): וואָס איז דאָס פֿאַר אַ געפֿיל וואָס חאַפּט אונדז אָן, מ'גייט אַרום…
Notes: Cover, Yiddish, English, Photo instert of Julius Nathanson, song from Musical "Graf Yosl", Back Cover

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