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Name: Hacohen, Yosef
Name (Yiddish): הכּהן, יוסף

Songs written or composed

Title: Erev Tov
Author: Sachar, Moshe -- סחר, משה
Composer: Hacohen, Yosef -- הכּהן, יוסף
Genre: Israeli/Literary Origin/Hebrew
Subject: Time/Voice/Song/New Day/Evening
Transliteration: Ephemera 1619
Translation: Ephemera 1619
Additional song notes: Good Evening

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On album: C-093(a) (Songs of Life: The Music of Chai -- חי)
Track ID: 42767
Arranger Goltsman, Shirley
Vocal Soloist Diamond, Lisa
First line: Yom avar, ach lo kedai lehitz'taer, ki makhar, yavo chadash yafeh yoter,…
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert/Sprightly/Chorus
Length: 3:01

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