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Name: Markovitsh, Joseph

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Title: Di Brivelekh Fun Rusland -- די בריוועלעך פֿון רוסלאַנד
Author: Markovitsh, Joseph
Composer: Lachs, Vivi
Genre: Theatre/Concert/Lament
Subject: Letters/Wives/Children/Hunger/Curse/Abandonment/America
Transliteration: K-176(a)
Translation: K-176(a)
Additional song notes: The Letters From Russia


On album: K-176(a) (Katsha'nes/Don't Ask Silly Questions -- קאָטשאָנעס)
Track ID: 42852
Arrangers Katshanes
Violin Curzon, FlorA
Vocal Lachs, Vivi
Vocal/Saxaphones Moore, Sarha
Vocal/Piano Wedell, Rebekka
First line: Mayn tayerer man, my dear husband, I hope this letter finds you well and the journey to England was easy,..
First line:מײַן טײַערער מאַן, איך וויין, איך קלאָג בײַ נאַגט, נאָר איך ליג און טראַכט, עפֿשער קענסטו שוין דאָרט ניט ניט לעבן,...
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Rececitive/Concert
Length: 5:46

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