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Title: Lechu Neranenoh -- לכו נרננה
Also known as: Shom'o
Composer: Katz, Cantor Sholom -- קאץ, חזן שלום
Genre: Religious/Liturgical
Transliteration: T-004(d)
Translation: T-004(d)
On album: K-047(i) (Cantor Sholom Katz/ Sings A Friday Evening and Sabbath Morning Synagogue Service)
Track ID: 42969
Vocal soloist Katz, Cantor Sholom -- קאץ, חזן שלום
Conductor Silbermintz, Seymour -- זילבערמינץ, שלמה
Choir Male Choir, Unidentified
First line: L'chu n'ran'no…
Track comment: Male Choir
Language: Hebrew
Style: A cappella

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