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Name: Osiecka, A.

Songs written or composed

Title: Zol Di Harfe Got Loybn -- זאָל די האַרפֿע גאָט לויבן
Author: Osiecka, A.
Composer: Konieczny, Z
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Thanks/God/World/Birth/Hard/Praise/Music/Miracles
Translation: Alb P-038€
Additional song notes: The Harp Should Praise The Lord A. Osiecka credited with text of the song Yiddish lyrics credited to E. Kisler and M. Freedman


On album: P-038(e) (Andre Ochodio & Pressburger Klezmer Band/ Shalom)
Track ID: 43061
Double Bass Alexander, Samo
Accordion Jovic-Werner, Snezana
Vocal Ochodlo, Andre
Percussion Instruments Oros, Martin
Artist: Pressburger Klezmer Band -- פּ ק בּ
Piano Suska, Pavol
Clarinet Tago, Miro
Fiddle Werner, Andrej
Double Bass/Music Supervisor Zuchowski, Adam
First line: Text Not Audible…
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Klezmer/Exuberent
Length: 3:58

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